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Coaching Services for Adults


Are you overwhelmed every day by chronic  disorganization and procrastination? Do you seem to be controlled by  your intense and overwhelming emotions? Do you often forget appointments  and obligations? Often, you may find it difficult to pay attention  during an activity unless you're extremely interested in what you're  doing. And on top of everything, you may find that your chaos affects  important relationships in your life. 

​As  a coach who specializes in ADHD/executive functions, I will partner  with you to get to the heart of your situation quickly, helping you  create an effective action plan that you will begin to use right away to  free yourself from the overwhelm.

​Some possible areas where we might focus are:

  • creating a clear vision of where you want to go
  • practicing personal organization skills, following tasks through to completion, and managing emotions
  • drawing upon your unique strengths, values and boundaries, which can be viewed as assets to get you where you want to go
  • learning how to maintain healthier relationships

How It Works

Regular Coaching Sessions

   We'll begin with an introductory session to find out how your ADHD  affects your life. We will also develop a plan that captures what you'd  like to change. Once we're finished with this first session, you will  already have some specific strategies to help you on your way to  success. Each successive session builds on previous sessions and we will  regularly circle back for a "bird's eye view" of where we've been and  where we're going with our coaching. 


Coaching Timeframe

   Because  coaching is an action-oriented process, it takes some time to create  new beliefs and follow new habits. Knowing this about the process, I  offer coaching for a minimum of six months, meeting weekly or three  times per month with a client. Clients can work with me longer if  necessary or return for additional coaching at a later point. 


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