Meet Jane


I am a personal coach specializing in attention and focus. I work with adults, students and families struggling with the day-to-day challenges of ADHD and executive function  issues. I was trained for both adult and family coaching through the ADD Coach Academy, the only comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation. ADDCA's programs require months of rigorous training and practice under the supervision of leaders in the field of ADHD coaching.

In addition to holding a Masters Degree in Education, I'm a credentialed teacher with more than 20 years of education experience.

And, I am executive function-challenged...

My Story  

Although I had always been a conscientious student, it wasn't until I was in college that I experienced serious academic trouble. I couldn't figure out how to comprehend a textbook chapter, and I was constantly pulling all-nighters to study for tests and complete papers.


I just could not focus on my studies. It seemed like everyone around me could balance their responsibilities, but for some reason I couldn't. My struggles with time management and organization persisted throughout college and beyond as I did technical writing, professional training, teaching, and marketing work. When I discovered I have executive functioning challenges, it was actually a relief. This was something I could address, not something fundamentally wrong with me. 


Now, I know more about my brain and my unique gifts and strengths. I use strategies to help me study for tests (yes, I do still have to take tests!), read textbooks, and manage my time. And I am always discovering new ways to motivate myself to get things done. I consider myself a work in progress and I enjoy collaborating with others who are on a similar journey. 

I grew up in East Tennessee and now live in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of my favorite activities are reading, cycling, being outdoors, and enjoying my family and friends. 


Now it's your turn. I'd like to hear your story!


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