About Executive Function and ADHD Coaching

ADHD and Executive Function Coaching is a specialized area of life coaching where coach and client work together to recognize the whole client, including strengths and challenges. The coach and client create a supportive partnership as the client works towards realistic goals and outcomes. This partnership is a crucial approach to managing the challenges brought on by Executive Function weaknesses and ADHD.   

As an experienced Executive Function and ADHD coach, I work with clients to identify what's holding them back and how they can move forward. We do this by incorporating the client's strengths, values, and other areas of personal foundations into our work together. We also look at what is going on "under the surface" in the client's life. These are powerful ways to make real change and sustain it.

The client is ready to "do the work" of coaching and is committed to the process of creating action plans and carrying them out.


How Does Coaching Work?

It's More Than Tips and Strategies

During our coaching sessions, clients discover the best parts of themselves: their strengths, talents, values, and more. They also uncover limiting beliefs and what gets in the way of their success. While the coaching session feels almost conversational, it actually follows a very purposeful structure. There's so much to discover! 

The client's goals are tied to an accountability system that works for the client. And, we have regular check-in's where we look at progress and where the client wants to go next. Through this process, clients experience opportunities for personal growth that transcend the labels of "executive function weakness" or "attention deficit disorder." 

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length and can be conducted by phone, in-person, or by video conference. Coaching is action-based, so sessions are initially scheduled weekly, with fieldwork for the client to practice in-between. 

All information in our sessions is kept in strict confidence as mandated by the International Coaching Federation. 


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